Arrived and picked up in great shape. Thanks so much. In contact soon for a male. 

Ray Cooper

I purchased an Abyssinian female kitten that I found on Kirril’s site couple of months ago. When I searched through the site, I actually had no intention to get a kitten, I was just looking at kittens’ pictures and was curious about the prices - I already had 2 adult cats I was happy with; when I saw my future girl and her siblings- I absolutely fell in love with them. I chose one and contacted Kirril next morning; after talking with him I had a feeling I can trust Kirril with the transaction and 2 weeks later I had my little Nicole arriving in Charlotte. She is a beautiful and charming creature, full of energy and love for her human mother; she interacts well with my other cats and anyone who comes to the house, which tells me she came from a good household. I told myself before I don’t need more cats until I saw Nicole and fell in love with her - and I am so happy now that I got her and very grateful to Kirril for making it happen.  Tatiana Holmes. Charlotte NC. 

I just wanted to let you know he is doing wonderful!! He is the sweetest, most gentle little guy.  Never scratches or hisses. Thank you so much!! Everyone in the family, dogs included, absolutely love him!!
Dolores Tucci 

Merry belated Holidays and Happy New Year from Dumpling (formally known as tornado.)

Here is the happiest of them all!!! Thank you so much for bringing this little joy into our lives!!!

Lydia S, Boston

The best exotic kitten I've ever seen! Thank you! 

Xantia L, NY

Amazing kitten! 

Jane, Queens , NY 

Kitten arrivedShe is so gorgeous! I love her to death, she's the sweetest! Can't wait for her babies

Aria H

Great! we've just come back to Pittsburgh 2 am this morning and he seems getting well in my Room!

Juncheng A, Pittsburg 

Ok. Sounds great. We sure enjoy our kittens. They are great. Thanks for doing such a good job..... you have exceeded my expectations with customer service. Thank you Kirill.

Kathy J Pusky MN

They were wonderful helping me with all the necessary things to do while ordering. I'll let you all know how the rest turns out, so far so good.

Charlene,  Colorado