How I can place an order with your company?
To place an order with us please text/call 347-387-1796 ,or email us at in order to confirm if the kitten is still available. We try our best to keep our site updated , however there is always a chance the kitten has just been sold and the breeder didn’t have a chance to let us know. You will receive a contract that must be signed, followed by a collection of $200 dollars as a deposit via Venmo, Zelle, credit card, PayPal or cash. The full balance is due when the kitten is ready to be shipped to you.

What’s the minimum age for the kitten to be released?
The Kitten has to be at least 16 weeks old to be delivered to you within or to USA.

Why do I have to wait that long? I want to get the kitten ASAP.
The Kitten must receive 1 rabies, and 2 distemper vaccinations in order to safely travel, and lower the risk of catching an infection. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a healthy kitten for you and your family.

How do you ship kittens within the USA?
We use local drivers to deliver kittens on the East Coast (300-400 dollars) , and American Animal Cargo to deliver to West Coast (400 dollars).

Can you explain how shipping with nanny works?
We hire a person to travel with your kitten within a cabin. It is proven to be less stressful your future little pet. The cost is 500-600 dollars, depending on the destination.

Are you a breeder?
We are NYS licensed pet dealer. You can check our credentials on the link below:
OUR LICENSES - Kittens & Puppies (

Can I transfer my deposit to another kitten?
Unfortunately deposits are not transferable to other kittens. Upon receiving your deposit , we send it directly to the breeder in order to guarantee the kitten of your choosing.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Venmo, Zelle, all major credit cards, paypal, CashApp, cash.

What kind of litter filler can we use for our kittens?
We recommend EverClean, and wood pallets.

Can I come to see all kittens listed on the site and choose the one I like?
We are an online store, we don't keep all 1500 kittens listed on site . Our team works hard to find a new reliable and loving home for each and every kitten, and deliver them safely to their new owners . All of our kittens are very friendly, social and not traumatized by staying in cages for weeks or even months. You can choose the kitten you like, and request a video to meet your potential new pet. He or she will be delivered to you at 4 months old with all the proper vaccinations.

What food do you recommend for the kittens?
We recommend premium brands such as Royal Canin, Hills, Blue dry and canned goods.

Would you recommend to buy a medical insurance for a kitten?
Yes, 100%